Hear My Heartbeat: The #yoiconph2017 Pre-Party

Hear My Heartbeat: The #yoiconph2017 Pre-Party
March 10 2017, Friday, 06:00pm-10:00pm
SM Megamall Skating Rink
5/F Fashion Hall, SM Megamall

Hear My Heartbeat: The #yoiconph2017 Pre-Party was mounted with the support of SM Skating, the only proprietor of ice skating facilities in the Philippines, and The Philippine Skating Union, the official governing body for Filipino ice skaters. It was conceptualized by Yuri!!! on ICE fans, for Yuri!!! on ICE fans, as a way of marrying the series and the sport.


Supported By:
SM Skating
The Philippine Skating Union

Special Guest:
Joel Minas

Trisha Descallar: Marketing & PR
Nix De Pano: Art Direction & Visual Identity
Judith Razon: Logistics & Content Consultant

Motion Ventures

Media Features:

“Being one of the very first anime-themed events on an Olympic-sized skating rink in the Philippines, if not the world, fans got to skate and live out the experience from last year’s smash anime hit, with a terrific program and some nice prizes for attendees.

Although set in the evening, fans were already there early afternoon so as not to miss a single minute of the pre-party. At the designated time, they lined up properly, and while they waited, they would be heard chatting animatedly amongst themselves, all obviously excited of the event, even sharing a story or a joke or two. Even strangers got to be good friends afterwards just because of their shared love for the anime.

Everyone had a splendid time as they relived their favorite anime on the ice that Yuri loved, and even for just a night, they all got to bond, sing the theme song together, and, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, got to live out their fantasies on the ice together. And for these, we congratulate the organizers for doing an amazing job of putting this one-of-a-kind history-making event together, a feat even established organizers would be envious of.” (arkadymac.com)